Thursday, 27 August 2009

This fabulous oak tree is growing in the middle of the outdoor dining area of a taverna in Armenoi, Hania.
It provides natural much-needed shade during the summer, and when the wind breezes through the trees, it's like a natural form of air-conditioning.


  1. I seriously think I have been there. Because I remember the tree..... and have never seen a real tree in a restaurant apart from the one in Hania.

  2. It looks like an enchanting place to have lunch in the shade of the big oak tree! Our city of EAGAN has a big oak tree as its city symbol. Check out my EAGAN daily photo blog and see!

  3. The tree is great, but even just the name "taverna" makes me want to sit there.

  4. It sure is natural and sets up a certain ambiance found only in the Mediterranean ...I'll bet the food is great too

  5. For some reason your post put this song in my head, by Tony Orlando...and still humming:
    Tony Orlando

  6. Hi Maria,

    This is one of my local tavernas. We live just up the road and you never called in . . .

    Still I have this feeling that the tree is in fact a platanos - a plane tree. Not an oak.

    Take care