Saturday, 10 October 2009

kafeneion owner

This cafe owner is about to deliver some refreshments to his customers (office and shop workers). The tray is the typical method used in the inner parts of the city by traditional kafeneia and refreshment bars which do deliveries.

The most important thing to note about this man is that he looks cheerful - his face is always smiling whenever I see him.


  1. And he looks genuinely cheerful. A good man.

    We have those old hanging trays too. Very practical and easy to carry food and drink.

  2. Agree with Dina. He brings more than material nourishment!

    Aloha, Island Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  3. I've seen them delivering the beverages, with that tray and on a moped or bicycle....Not a drop going to waste...Pure talent! :-)

  4. I love those trays! I always think to find one to bring home and never do. They are part of what I call in shorthand "pragmata"--the things of Crete that bring you back instantly into the life there. Thank you, Maria!