Sunday, 23 March 2008

The open-air market

Strictly speaking, I should be taking a photo each day, but today's photo was taken yesterday at the street market. The vegetable stalls are held outside the district court building every Saturday, a perfect way to use the parking area. Here are a few hawkers' cries that I heard yesterday:

(at a stall selling very old-fashioned looking XL jumpers)
Everything cheap! Everything free today!
I'm not making any money today!
I'm giving it all away!
You may be wondering why I'm doing this:
Because today - I'm celebrating my happiness!

(at a stall selling shoes)
Everything for ten euro today!
One left shoe and one right shoe, only ten euro!
Or two left shoes or two right shoes!
All combinations possible!

(at a vegetable stall selling stamnagathi - spiny chicory)
Stamnagathi straight from the mountain!
Fresko fresko, come buy it now!
Summer's coming, stock up now!
Only four euro a kilo, cheaper than tomatoes!

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  1. you might have your own personal rule that you take a photo each day but in case you are possibly confused the "rule" for CDPB is that a picture is "posted" daily - most people cannot take one daily anyway - mine are sometimes taken "yesterday" but usually are a week, a month, three months or more old, but I try to make the text topical.