Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Terraced houses

This is the closest Hania comes to terraced houses.

koum kapi housing hania chania

These houses are found in the area of Koum Kapi, what was once a seedy neighbourhood by the old port. The area has now been transformed into the centre of summer nightlife, filled with cafes frequented by university students in the winter (ie, prime property). The change from 'undesirable' to 'up-and-coming' neighbourhood can be seen on the left: one of those terraced houses has become a brand new multi-story apartment building.


  1. I saw that same phenomenon in Tel Aviv on the street that goes along the Med.

  2. Great change. I like this house, the new one. Maybe the whole neighbourhood must renovate their homes.

  3. Glad I have you to put the details straight about all things Greek Orthodox. Thanks for the input on Clean Monday / Καθαρά Δευτέρα.
    Have a good one.

  4. I think that "Prime Property" and "Student Accommodation" are incompatible terms :-D
    You can't imagine what passes as student accommodation (Well, that is judging by my experiences both in GR and UK)
    (Is this area behind the old mosque towards the west of the harbour?)

  5. Looks like Limassol - not that surprising really.

    There is time enough for our weather to revert but we do bless the Gulf Stream.

  6. Quite straight isn't it?
    But with a great colour on the walls.

  7. That is progress, but the old styles are very nice if they could be rebuilt.

  8. Graffitti!
    How interesting.

  9. Was it 'The Dun Cow' - vague bells ringing.
    This animal was one of the two brown cows in the herd we looked after - her name was Ginny.

  10. Gentrification? Sounds like a positive change.

  11. I do think the "transition" idea is growing everywhere. I know in some of the neighborhoods in Dayton, which has been a city of declining neighborhoods, is now transforming some of the old factory buildings and warehouses into modern, upscale apartments and condos.

    Abraham Lincoln said, "Hello," all the way from Brookville, Ohio in the U.S.A. And his wife of 53 years said hello too.

    Pat and Abe Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  12. I like the "before" and "after" pictures of all the things, especially when they show something positive and good!

  13. Hi Mediterranean kiwi ,
    When my partner was made redundant from his job in 2003 he took a 5 month career break in Chania and lived in Koum Kapi. We both loved it and last year I bought a renovated house there.

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog - helps get me through the British winter!

  14. Take some pictures now, before all the little houses are replaced by apartment blocks and gone for ever!