Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another bird's eye view

bird's eye view hania chania

While I was getting a few jobs done in the town, I chanced on this view from one of the taller buldings in the town (none of which are much higher than 6 stories high). You can see the old town looking out towards the harbour. The large long building on the right is the left wing of the Agora market.

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  1. Good one. I feel I'm there, looking out the window. It puts places you've talked about into place.
    Must be nice to have no really tall buildings.
    In Jerusalem I like to wander into random tall buildings in search of a photo op. But so often all the windows are inside the locked offices.

  2. First time here and I had a great time looking at your blog

  3. I think there always works around the Agora when I went around... or was I wrong?

  4. what a fabulous shot....just love it and thanks for sharing it with us