Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Here are the answers to the quiz in a previous post.

1. Olives - they'll be green in October, turning black by December.
1.CIMG7181 2.CIMG6988
2. Carob - this is where your chocolate substitute comes from. It is used as pig feed in Greece, but it was once the only 'chocolate' a Greek child would have tasted if it were born in a village (my father told me this one). It is still (but alas, not frequently any longer) made into a refreshing carob drink, haroupia, in some villages in Crete.

3. Figs
3.P5010034 4.P5010035
4. Camomile

5. Cactus figs (prickly pears): they'll be orange in September.
5.P5010036 6.P5010037
6. Mustard greens - the leaves are eaten when fresh and tender

7. Pomegranate
7.P5010049 8.CIMG7155
8. Wild asparagus

9. Oranges will start growing soon on this tree.
9.CIMG6999 10.P5010066
10. Mulberries - this is a mulberry tree (μουρνιά - mournia), commonly grown for its foliage (it gives shade in the winter, and the leaves are eaten by sheep and goats) rather than its fruit, which, when ripe, is either white (like this species) or purple.

11. Grapes - grape must, wine, raki and petimezi can all be made from this fruit.
11.CIMG7230 12.CIMG7232
12. Avocado - a relative newcomer to Crete, it grows well in our climate and the fruits are profitably marketable; they are mainly exported.

Thanks to all for taking part (on both my blogs). The winner of this book was chosen randomly, regardless of whether they were able to answer all the questions correctly. I wrote each name on a piece of paper, scrunched it into a ball, placed it in a bowl, and let my son dip his hand and pick one. He chose the piece of paper with the name Allison Parker.

Congratulations! Now email me your address (mverivaki at hotmail dot com) and I'll send you the book.

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  1. Mazal tov to Allison, the lucky winner of your nice book. And shame on me for yet again procrastinating. But this was a great quiz and I learned from it.
    ah, so those are silk worms!

  2. Hi Maria! Congrats to Allison; lucky guy!!
    Now it looks much easier and obvious to identify the stuff you had there!! ;)

    Blogtrotter (not me, I’m stuck here ;)) is profiting from the holidays in Lisbon this week and has a tour of Lake Galve, one of the beautiful lakes near Trakai, to show you! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  3. Congrats Allison Parker!

    No idea avocados were grown on Crete (or what they looked like for that matter). You learn a new thing every day :-)

  4. Oh, well - Congratulations to the winner! This was a tough one.