Monday, 14 April 2008

Hania for sale

The ROOMS sign is, of course, intended for tourists, while the blue sign is what all street signs in our town (and indeed all over Greece) look like: ODOS = street, which always goes in front of the name of the street. So if you live in Brown Street, in Greece, you'd say Street Brown.

I'm sorry, but I wish these kinds of shops would just stop popping up like mushrooms all over my town. This one is found on a side street near the Old Harbour (with a few other teeny weeny pristine clean white offices in the same street plying the same trade), and it's just screaming out to everyone that everything in Hania is for sale, and at a high price, just when locals cannot afford to provide themselves with decent medical care or a two-week holiday abroad, even though Northern Europeans come to Hania on dirt-cheap mass-tourism package holidays.

In my opinion, these offices are a new form of prostitution - they're developing land which was once used to grow orange or olive trees, or selling old delapidated village houses in need of a lot of money to be renovated, to mainly Northern Europeans whose buying power is much greater than the locals', tricking them into selling their ancestral properties to foreigners who view them as a cheap retirement hobby, while regarding the locals as citizens of the their world.


  1. Its sad that the lure of making a quick buck is corrupting values... a global disease

  2. All true, no doubt, but there are many, many oranges grown that simply fall on the ground and rot. And, don't forget, that Northern Europeans spend money with local businesses not only for buliding materials but food too. Their money is taxed, which hleps with Greece's massive debt.