Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Spring cleaning

Housewives all over Greece are now in the throes of spring cleaning their houses now that the dulldark winter days are over (with the arrival of daylight saving time), and so is the city council. Here, you can see some cheap immigrant labour sprucing the roadside borders with a chalky lime asbestos substance which in older times was also used to whitewash houses inside and out (now we've modernised to vinyl plastic plaint) and ridding them of the mouldy green fungus that developed in the damp winter months. The council has provided them with the lime, wheelbarrow and brooms. A housewife across the road came out of her house and was asking them if they wanted some water - it's about 25 degrees Celsius. Pavements are few and far between here in Varipetro, 8km from the city centre. This village is 5km from where I live (my children go to school there). The photo was taken yesterday at around noon.

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