Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pine trees

I work at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (note the spelling: it's pronounced 'Hania', the result of archaic transliteration processes), a research centre midway between the town centre and the ferry port (not the famous old port with the cafes). I teach English to Master's students investigating subjects of agricultural or economic significance in the Mediterranean. Very few of them are Greek; they actually come from all over the Mediterranean and English is the main language used at the centre - Greek is used by the staff to each other. The campus is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. This is what it looked like on a cloudy day last week near the tennis courts, which are directly in front of the trees.

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  1. The first time I realised it was pronounced Hania and not like chain or chair was when the pilot on the plane announced where we were flying to. Nobody had bothered to correct my mis-pronounciation until then.

    PS we flew from Manchester not Machester