Sunday, 20 April 2008

Another former mosque

The former mosque in the inner-city suburb of Koumbes in Hania is another extraordinary building depicting the town's history. It stands at a major junction between the ferry port of Souda (to the right) and the town centre leading to the Agora (to the left), while the other road running through it leads to the inner-city middle class suburb of Aiyannis (St. John - the narrow road straight ahead) and the beaches out of town (behind the cars).

The blue sky complements the beautiful colours of the recently painted old mosque. One half of the building is now being used as a BBQ chicken diner - the best in town, they say - while the other half is a hairdresser's salon. I took this photo as I was waiting at the traffic lights to go to work.


  1. I enjoyed your post today and the photo. Nice post.

  2. Here, as our Muslim population is increasing, the opposite is happening and buildings are being re-adapted into use as mosques.
    Sydney Daily Photo

  3. Interesting story and photo. I wonder if it offends anyone to have a hairdressers in there?