Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The green green hills of home

Hania is filled with green foliage from the orange and olive trees, but the ground soil isn't always covered in grass. These green hills in the distance are more of a rarity than a common sight. During the summer months, they will have turned a rusty brown colour.

the green green hills of home hania chania

This area (Varipetro) is known for its pasture lands that are suitable for grazing animals, which is why it is possibly greener than other areas.


  1. Good point, good picture.
    Same story here. On the ridge opposite our hill you can see one green patch on the slope. I always wonder why there is grass there. If I'm missing Switzerland, I look over and imagine it is an Alpine meadow. :)

  2. Or maybe it is green BECAUSE of the animals? :-)

    So you would recommend visiting Crere early in the season rather than late?

  3. I love the photos you put in your posts. I miss Crete. My grandmother's fatherly home (πατρικό) was at Vathipetro, Hraklio, next to Archanes, my grandfather's and my father's village.

  4. A lovely moment in the Spring.
    thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. A nice scene photoof your area. Pitty the hills can't stay green for longer huh? - Dave

  6. What an interesting part of the world where you live. The scenery is beautiful. Thanks for inviting us into your world.

  7. Hi, I'm finding it really difficult to find info on the internet on Varipetro, and i've just booked a villa for a week in the summer! I'm keen to get info on any taverna's or food shops as i'm hoping to lock myself away from the world! Please post any info or mail me on lizbrand@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks!