Sunday, 5 July 2009

lighthouse hania chania

The lighthouse at sunset at Hania


  1. Very beautiful. There is something magical about lighthouses.

  2. How lovely! Sunsets by the sea are some of the most beautiful sceneries one can experience.

  3. That's an interesting looking lighthouse. At first I thought it was a minaret!

  4. While surfing about GMOs, I came across your blog. I lived near Chania for awhile 12 years ago. Your photos and text brought back fond memories and a tear to my eye.
    Crete is one of the most fascinating places on the earth, wild and free, where the very quality of the air is laden with history and light.
    Hoping to go back one day!

    NO to GMOs!

  5. i'm glad you liked hania so much
    it really is a good place on earth to be right now