Sunday, 12 July 2009

the ferry boat at souda port

A very alluring sunset above the port of Souda where the boats leave every night from Hania to take you to Athens. The large buildings to the right of the ferry boat are silos where grain and flour are stored (bread flour is not produced in Crete on a commercial basis).

I'm at a children's entertainment centre, hence the ping pong tables.


  1. Those kids have a great view.

    So you use a plug-in bug thing like in my photo?
    Are screens built into your windows? It took ages to convince the old-timers in Israel that screen would not block half of the breeze.

  2. That a fairly large Ferry Boat... I was mistakenly of the belief they used smaller ferrys over there... sounds like a fun place to be

  3. We took a ferry like this when we travelled to Chania from Athens. I remember docking at Souda and going for a swim at a beautiful sandy beach nearby.

  4. Wow - pool tables with a wonderful view!