Thursday, 25 September 2008

Child photography

My mother uses her camera a lot, but she doesn't like to let me use it. I can't understand why, since they are so easy to use these days, and you can delete the photos you don't like. But Petros doesn't mind if I use his camera. He says it's broken anyway; that's why he's stuck a band-aid on it, to stop a square disk inside it from falling out. When I used his camera, I took photos of my toys, the turtle my brother made at summer camp school, and the buzzy bees on the wardrobe.

When I opened up the wardrobe, Petros asked me what was in the coloured box. I pulled open one of the drawers to show him what was inside. He asked me if I wanted to take a photo of that too, so I did. Here are my brother's underpants.

Photography by Christine Drikakis;
photographic equipment kindly donated by Petros Hahladakis


  1. hey Maria
    Is this written by your kid?
    and lovely pictures...

  2. This is great. And the photos are like being taken by a professional

  3. I have the strangest feeling that this is a child in Mum's world! Very cute posting!

  4. Funny! The last picture only a sister would do. I would have done it to my brother when I was younger, but no digital cameras and no internet. Lucky Christine!

  5. Ah Maria, you are so funny and honest. :)