Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bag shop

I like the one with the elephant design best.

Bags sold at a tourist shop in the old town, Hania.


  1. What a great collection! I think I prefer the open weave style! They suit the gypsy spirit in me!

  2. My biggest fear...I walk into a shop like this and i knock out a tiny little piece of souvenir which -by a domino effect- brings down the whole shop... They are so tightly packed!!!

    Do you know that ceramics shop down at the Hania harbour? Near by where the horse carriages park....I did not go in there....Too risky!

  3. We have the same taste!
    *I'm Cretian and not Koulouriotissa but my daughters are.*

  4. i like the blue and beige one. :)

  5. I like a lot of them, but I think my favorites are on the top, especially the middle one with the open design. A tempting store!

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