Monday, 8 September 2008

Odd shots Monday: deserted funfair

funfair nea hora hania chania

This summer games arcade set up in Nea Hora, an inner-city coastal suburb west of Hania, looks like a garish ghost town when seen during the day: no activity, no lights, no people. As these places are never covered, they can only work at night; during the day, the sunlight is too harsh.

(I'm away on a mini-break - see you again later in the week.)


  1. empty fairgrounds sure seem odd!

    enjoy your break!

  2. There is something quite ghostly about an empty fairground! Lovely pic!

  3. What have you remind me!!! I was very young when my parents took me in a funfair for the first time. I couldn't stop playing in the rocking rowboats! It looked very funny to me! I was laughing all the time and spent all my money in that game!!!

  4. It looks permanently deserted. Hard to imagine it going full-force at night.

  5. My new project and the fact we out half the day stopped me doing my rounds. This is nicely odd.

    All my energies got used up, Stephen and Ceri do these things here when we need them.