Wednesday, 1 October 2008

ABC Wednesday: K for kalitsounia

It's ABC Wednesday again, and K is for kalitsounia.

In Hania, a favorite snack, both at home and at work, is a kalitsouni (kalitsounia in the plural), little pies in various shapes and sizes filled with sweet or savoury filling. I make hundreds of these and put them in the deep freeze and use them as we need them. They go into my children's lunch boxes, I serve them up for unexpected guests, we have them in the evening for dinner... We eat them any time.

Half-moons ...
lenten kalitsounia

... with a healthy savoury filling...
pie making

... of chopped greens (amaranth or spinach) mixed in with the local soft white curd cheese, mizithra, ...

... or sweet ones: little oblong parcels filled with soft cheese and sprinkled with honey;

The most we ever make is at Easter, as they are a part of the traditional fare of the most important religious festival celebrated in Greece.

No one says no to kalitsounia!


  1. I have seen a lot of food this morning all ready - I shall throw on the weight.
    We might call them pasties - of which I am rather fond. I would probably go for these although I have just told magiceye that I am a stick-in-the-mud eater.
    My digestion isn't what it was - it could be argued it never was...

  2. I think those are fried in oil, right? They look very good.
    I noticed the counter top; it is something I would love!

  3. Well no, *I* certainly wouldn't say no to kalitsounia, from the way you describe them.
    Nice to see you at work at that seriously big work space. I just tried my hand at making a date spread-filled rolada and could have used such a big table to unroll the filo pastry.

  4. Oh, wait a minute, hold my last comment! On second look, that's not you, is it. (Not that I know, since you are almost never in view on your blog.)

  5. yummmy... greek and indian food sure has lot of similarities! this is similar to our samosas or navries..

  6. Ah kalitsounia. . . so delicious.

    Have to pop round for one or two one day.

    Very good photos as usual Maria.


  7. Maria, you just posted something I can nooooot resist...
    yes, no one says no to kalitsounia!
    we have the similar food here, called 'Shaobing'!

  8. they sound absolutely delicious

  9. Kalitsounia remind me of the empanadas I had while in Belize

  10. We say YES to Kalitsounia! Στα καλιτσούνια λέμε ΝΑΙ!

  11. You whet my appetite!
    I keep some baked in my freezer. I think I'm going to unfreeze them!

    "K" was your letter Kiwi (and not only for the kalitsounia but also for your name)!!!

  12. I never say no to Kalitsounia. I love their taste. I wish i had some right now.

  13. One thing the UK has is blandd food. Tis looks entirely the opposite, very apetizing.

  14. Hundreds in the freezer? They look SO yummy, and to pull out and eat any time is perfect!