Sunday, 26 October 2008

Camera critters: I tort I tor a puddycat

Now you see me...

... now you don't.

My neighbour's cat playing 'koukoutsa' (peekaboo).


  1. Koukoutsa, I love the sound!
    Nice idea for the CC post.
    Does that cat have extra-long legs?

  2. Lovely creature-
    Nice sequence-
    now you don't! ;-)
    aloha from another island!

  3. Fun shots! It's amazing how quickly cats can disappear when you blink!

  4. I discovered you over at Marie's. I can't wait to start visiting Greece!!!

  5. Hey listen! Israel TV Channel 1 had a few minutes this morning about icon writers in Crete!
    Some Greek, mostly Hebrew, but great visuals. I can only see it on my computer (no TV for me) and you can too, if you click fast, before they take it off.
    Go to
    In the column on the left side you'll see the Pantocrator icon. Click on it.
    I was so excited to see it!

  6. The painted cows were in Athens? I saw them all over last time I was in Chicago. Fun.
    Sorry. I meant you could find the thumbnail photo of the icon at the TV site, but they took it down pretty fast. I really enjoyed seeing a man and his wife employed by a church to paint icons and even paint on the walls. Glad to know Crete is a center for "writing" icons. Good too that the TV saw fit to explain icons to the Israeli viewers.

  7. Who is more popular in Crete, cats or dogs?

  8. Typical cat behaviour. They move by pixelation like cartoon cats.