Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Old well

This house, recently renovated, is found close to the city centre. In the garden are the remains of a disused well. An amusing piece of machinery, completely unknown to most young people these days.


  1. πολύ θα ήθελα ένα σπιτάκι με μαγκανοπήγαδο στην αυλή του

  2. I always enjoy your posts and photos. You manage to compose the old with the new!
    Η φωτογραφία μου εικονίζει 4 από τα φαγητά που έφτιαξα: ντολμαδάκια, μπόμπα, πατζαροσαλάτα και πράσινη σαλάτα με πολλά μυστικά υλικά! Χι,χι!!!
    Ποια συνταγή θέλεις; Είμαι έτοιμη να της μοιραστώ μαζί σου!

  3. God I hope Timmy isn't down that old well...Lassie is a fair age now...

  4. Looks like its been filled in leaving the winding apparatus at the top. Ah well, life in a modern world.


  5. aloha, my friend. glad you are feeling 'well' today! Your photo makes me want to linger in the quiet courtyard. . . Thank You-