Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Protected species

Sea lily, Pancratium marititum; Stalos beach, Hania.

It starts making its appearance at the end of summer, and flourishes in sandy areas. It isn't a good flower to pick anyway, as it doesn't last a long time away from its roots, so let's just leave it where it is and enjoy it in its natural habitat.


  1. A sea lily! New to me. But OK, I promise not to approach.

  2. never heard of it... good that it is protected anyways

  3. Words of wisdom yours when you say "let's leave it where it is and enjoy ..."; that's the way all flowers should be enjoyed.

    The Paleohora post and photos are just ... wow!!!!

    Have a nice week.

  4. I found your comment very interesting.
    At least 7 out of every 10 Israelis observe the fast, i.e. many non religious ones included.
    The other forbidden things on Yom Kippur: No wearing of leather shoes. No applying lotions. No bathing. No marital intimacy.
    This is the rabbis' interpretation of the biblical commandment to "afflict your soul" on the Day of Atonement.

  5. Good question. We are talking less than 2000 years, but still, your point is valid. I dunno...
    My sandals, for instance, are rubber soled. Usually on Yom Kippur you see people wearing their nice clothes together with gym shoes, which looks funny. I guess now Crocs would be "in."

    You are brave to go in your garden barefoot! There is one young man in our village who goes everywhere barefoot, even on the rocks of the mountain paths.

  6. Hey, just FYI, your newest Boat post is not showing up. I click on Boat and get "This page does not exist." Did it sail away, sail away, sail away?

  7. Aha! these were growing on the beach in front of our apartments in Frangokastello. I didn't know what they were.