Thursday, 23 October 2008

Closed for the winter

Stivanadika, a tourist shop avenue, looking quite empty.

The souvenir shops are locked,
the tourist season is over,
the lease on the town has expired.

The citizens of Hania
have got their town back
for their own use.

That's not where they go
to buy their leather sandals, T-shirts,
olive oil soap and herbs and spices.

They want the shops
made with glass and concrete -
the chic boutiques,

the big bright supermarkets
with their sliding doors
selling all kinds of plasticulture.

Good bye stivanadika,
have a good rest
till the next summer.


  1. η ακμή και η παρακμή έχουν ημ/νία λήξης(;).

  2. Wo, that photo is a dramatic statement. Your poem is very telling.

  3. I didn't know either. Blogger Kaybee's comment gave me the answer. Now I see Wiki says "Common names include Strelitzia, Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise."
    My first time to see them out just in an apartment's garden.

  4. Blessed relief - but I guess the income is welcome.

  5. Aloha from another woman on another island who post photos.
    I like your work and your words!
    thank you for sharing your beautiful town with us all.
    Best Wishes from Waikiki

  6. I like the verse, I live in a tourist town myself and enjoy the peace that comes after the crowds are gone.

  7. I enjoyed th old Market hall in Hania tremendously - just the smell of all the food...

  8. I love out of the way places to shop and explore!!

  9. It must be nice to have your town back.

    I love the onions and garlic in the post below!