Sunday, 5 October 2008

Camera critters: Buzzy Bees

We recently visited a children's fun park in my town. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a coin-operated buzzy bee in the playground.

Buzzy Bees are a New Zealand trademark. They are now known the world over as one of the best wooden toys especially made with children's motor skills in mind. They decorate my children's bedroom and I keep a few as a souvenir of my homeland.


  1. This is the first time I have seen these! Intriguing! My partner spent a large part of his life in New Zealand and he straightaway said, "O yes! I know them! They're a wooden or plastic toy!" What a wonderful interest for children!

    Great idea for the Critter prompt!

  2. Very beautiful pictures. My kids just love these coin operated games.

  3. I missed you yesterday. You have told me something else I didn't know.
    A nice slant on the theme.
    I think it is hardly in Elgin class - which incidentally, I think should be returned.
    Now if I had found a galley loaded with cargo...