Sunday, 12 October 2008

Camera critters: goats

paleohora hania chania

Goats will eat anything. They are good climbers, so they can climb up trees and eat the leaves on the top of the trees, once they have eaten the lower-lying leaves and scratched off the bark off the tree trunk. These goats are eating oranges which have been cut into chunks. There is nothing else visible on this field for the goats to eat, which probably hints at the fact that the farmer who owns them has brought them here for a short period of time.

The photo was taken at the end of summer, just over a year ago in Paleohora located on the south coast of Hania.


  1. Goats even eat oranges?! I'll have to remember that.
    Once I was fixing fence in a paddock. A goat came over and took a nail or two out of my tin can on the ground! Had to grab her and take back the nails. What a fright. They really WILL eat anything, as you said.

  2. Milk must taste interesting.
    They also leap - and if you have seen one of your milkers leap a barb wire fence... ! Repairing torn udders is not unknown but we avoided that one.
    Knew a guy that called goats 'rats on stilts' - I wouldn't go that far but they are a handful.

  3. every once in a while, in our village, someone ties a lone goat to a stake driven into the vacant lot beside our house. so the goat bleats, and eats the grass there. then later, the goat is taken away. :)

  4. I need a goat to eat my paper!

  5. Paleohora; I'll ask you directions for my next time in Crete...
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter has moved on to Mykonos! Hope you enjoy! Have a great week!

  6. Thanks for your comment with vocabulary help for me. I wrote you back:
    Kiwi thanks! Primer, yes, that's the word I always forget as a translation of Grundfarbe. When the State was young, many German words entrenched themselves in Hebrew.
    You think THIS is a mess? I should publish pics of the rest of Herzl Boulevard, torn up for laying the train tracks.

  7. Will these guys end up in a stew?

  8. I LOVE goats! I know they are a hassle, but they are just so fun to watch!