Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kalamaki Beach

kalamaki 1974

You might think I have a penchant for beaches. Maybe it's because I'm spending a lot of time there as of late, but there is only one beach for me, and that's Kalamaki Beach, which I first visited in 1974 on a family holiday back to my parents' homeland. I then saw it again in 1991, when I returned on what I thought was going to be another short holiday to Greece. At the time, I wouldn't have believed anyone if they told me that, in less than a decade, I would end up living 3 kilometres away from this beach.


After 34 years, the area has changed drastically. The traffic that plies the road must have increased 1000-fold. The mountains can hardly be seen for the apartment blocks - everyone wants to live by the sea. The number of trees has been increased, while the whole coast has seen an accelerated rate of development in the tourism sector. The large white hotel complex was opened up only two years ago. The breakwater barrier and the electricity post above it are the only two things that seem to have remained constant.

kalamaki beach 20008

You can read the full version of the story of my 1974 trip at Organically Cooked.


  1. You chosen a time with great light for those photos. I enjoyed the story too!

  2. This is definitely a beach to love, and I always love your beach photos and stories.

  3. I envy you for living in Crete... I have many memories from there. It's a living paradise especially Arhanes - my father's home town.

  4. makes me want to go to the beach :D

    My SWF : The gateway to Heaven Thanks

  5. Beautiful photo of the beach! and sky!!!