Saturday, 9 August 2008

Award winning beach???

agious apostolous beach

Agious Apostolous Beach hosts children's swimming lessons in the sea every summer. One would assume that it must be kept clean and family oriented. There is even a sign that attests to its award winning status as a beach.

agious apostolous beach

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say the opposite is true. The sand has been washed away towards the wall, forming a ridge over the fallen branches - they were obviously never cleared away before the summer season started - of a variety of the tamarisk tree, known locally as 'almiriki', which is found all over the island, prospering in sandy areas.

kalamaki 2008

Beach umbrellas and deckchairs (you pay to rent them) line most of the area, which becomes very stony as it stretches out westwards (and changes its name to Kalamaki Beach), so that very few people actually come here any more (this was our favorite haunt last summer). The only parts of the beach which are cleared of washed-up debris (and this year, there has been more than the usual amount) are those where major hotel chains and restaurants are located, which is understandable.

The good thing about this beach, despite the state that it is now in, is that it's close to where I live, and I can enjoy the sea (and take interesting photos) whenever I want.


  1. For me the best thing would be that no one goes there anymore, so it's less-crowded when you want to go.

  2. :-D :-D :-D

    The sign took me completely by surprise...If there is a beginning there must be an ending...which could well mean that only a patch of the beach was awarded the prize (!)...So 1 meter away from the patch, the beach does not stand up to award winning status? :-) :-) :-)

    I would not believe it though (The sign does not look official ;-) ), it could be some stunt by the guys that rent the chairs and umbrellas to increase their tariff :-D :-D

    I find chairs and umbrellas most annoying...who in their own mind (tourists included!) would ever forget bringing an umbrella along when they go to the beach in Greece??? And why do they lay them across most of the beach? (Well, the good part anyway :-( ) I have my umbrella and i do not want to be forced to pay 6-7 euros to rent the sunshine (!) (Because ultimately this is what you pay for....the depreciation of umbrellas and deckchairs can not be THAT high)

    Sorry for the moaning Med. Kiwi but it starts becoming worryingly natural that "Oh yeah, deckchair and an umbrella, 7 euros and you get to keep the sunshine!"

  3. :) paying a price for natural gifts!

    have posted roses for you today!

  4. There is no respect for Greeks and foreign tourists around Greece. Everything (hotel,tickets,food,coffee,umbrella) is very expensive.

  5. A real eye opener visitng your blog.
    I love Greece as a tourist, but a real reality check to viewe from a local point of view.

  6. What incredible information! Still love visiting your world here!