Thursday, 17 July 2008

Agious Apostolous: the old military training site

Yesterday's post
showed an old photograph, taken more than 45 years ago, of my mother standing on some rocks facing a military training site. These buildings are still standing, albeit in a state of ruinous decline. Had they been privately owned, there would now be a cafe-bar or a hotel in this area. Since they are state-owned, they've been left to rot, nobody showing interest to maintain them as a historical site, not even as an investment. Every day from May until September, the place is crawling with people looking for some refreshing shade. The people are locals, Greeks from other areas, and Northern Europeans. Why were the installations left in ruins? And why haven't they been torn down so that we don't have to watch their gradual erosion? I wonder what the authorities could say about this situation.


  1. It would be a gold mine if someone were to take it and restore it and make a restaurant there, with nice grounds leading to the water.

  2. There're dozens of historical sites in Hangzhou that have been ignored by us, not because we don't treasure them, but indeed, there has been so many of them that we take it for granted, we walk by thses sites everyday that we can not 'see' them anymore.
    yes, they are under the protection of the authorities, so what?

    But that would be even more unacceptable if the authorities just turn a blind eye to them

    Hangzhou Daily Photo

  3. Mediterranean Kiwi, keep wondering about the authorities. Take your time...

  4. that is why they are 'authorities'!