Tuesday, 15 July 2008

An olive field

That was then...

The dark clump of olive trees had become an island forest among the neighbouring carefully tended fields in Fournes. It was no longer an olive grove but a jungle. The neighbour on the left - a distant cousin, as all the area is owned by related people - asked us if we were interested in cultivating the trees. We told him we couldn't even access them. So he asked us to sell him the land.

...this is now.

He cut down all the tress on the more accessible part of the field, and now he's going to plant new tress in the same spot. A new lease of life has been given to a very old piece of land. The lower part of the field will be left as it is for the time being, as it's difficult to access the trees in that area, and hence, will be too difficult to cultivate.


  1. Jeez that likes like hard yakka!

  2. Agriculture is not an easy job, but mother nature is a blessing!

  3. It will be nice when you see it all cultivated again.

  4. Certainly I would prefer the first picture..

  5. He cut down all the trees to plant new ones? That sounds pretty radical.
    What method would you use to harvest them there?