Saturday, 5 July 2008

Souvenir shop

Souvenirs, anyone? Stall in the Agora, the central market of Hania.

deep sea sponges
black and white scarves
olive oil soap
and ouzo carafes

old men's worry beads
refrigerator magnets
postcards, key rings
I-Love-Crete gadgets

It's all Greek
but made in China
where it's cheaper
to buy labour

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  1. fridge magnet and tee-shirts were our souveiners as well as all the photographs I took.

  2. every time i visit monastiraki or plaka i turn souvenirs upside down looking for the made in sign, and yes, it's almost always China.

  3. I like the little poem but is saddens me to learn its truth. I would try to hang on to local values, local ceramic, local souvenirs and local vegetables as much as I can. But you cannot impose it on anyone else I guess.