Sunday, 20 July 2008

Camera critters: kids

Some people might call this kid 'cute'; others will think 'delicious'.

Goat and kid in Vamvakopoulo, Hania.


  1. This kid needs a hair cut..

  2. I don't mind the idea of eating but stop short when babies are mentioned and then eggs? I have eaten goat meat as meat (beef and pork) was rationed during the war and we could buy a front quarter of a goat pretty cheap and mom did. It would last a long time as we had no pay to keep it so she had to cook it up and either can it or put it in a crock and pour in all the grease to settle on top of the cooked meat. It was keep that was for a while longer.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville Daily Photo

  3. I will have to go with the cute vaiety, being a veggie.

  4. Since, I'm a farmer, I must admit I can see both. I LOVE all farm animals... yet, I also accept the truth of farming life.

    I must say though - that baby is awfully cute ;-)

  5. goat meat is considered the best meat in greece for a roast or stew because it contains less cholesterol. younger animals are preferred because their meat is less chewy. it is also more expensive than lamb. the goats in this photo are not considered pets; they were definitely being raised for meat and milk (they have already disappeared from the field...)