Thursday, 24 July 2008

Zucchini baseball

When you can no longer stand the look of zucchini on your dining room table or kitchen bench top, and the wholesaler offers you a low price on your orange production, there's always this solution.

(The courgette escaped our notice. It is perfect for animal feed, but not much else.)


  1. Have you tried making soup of them? I did last week. It's the perfect solution for this time of the year and it's really delicious. It even works with those overgrown models that you show in the picture. Recipe here:

    Try it!

  2. thanks oriste - i checked out the site, and the soup looks excellent. i think i will try it as one last tribute to the ubiquitous zucchini

  3. This looks like fun!
    Glad to see the map up too. When my kids were that age we had maps on the little wall space there was in the loo. They ended up being the only kids in school who knew world geography. hehe

  4. You can also shred it to make chocolate cake, and slice it in half and bake it with various things like ratatouille or rice mixtures that use the scooped out insides. Not that making a baseball bat out of it isn't a perfectly entertaining and useful option.