Thursday, 3 July 2008


Admittedly, it's not the prettiest part of town, near the central fire station. The mode of transport depicted is one of the most frequent causes of deaths among young Greek males, usually through a combination of the following reasons: not wearing a helmet, speeding, bad road conditions, joyriding, being knocked over while driving legally. In the last seven years of my life, I have lost relatives and friends' sons through potentially avoidable motorbike accidents: my cousin was wearing a helmet but didn't strap it under his chin, the son of a colleague of my husband's bent down to pick up his ringing cellphone, and drove into the back of a lorry, a friend's son fell into a ditch on a stretch of road that had been dug up for pipe-laying; these three cases are the most memorable.

At least this guy is wearing a crash helmet. He looks like a delivery agent.


  1. με τέτοια οδηγική συμπεριφορά που έχουμε ένα "λογικά" τόσα ατυχήματα με μηχανές. εκεί όμως που έφτασε η βενζίνη μας βλέπω να κυκλοφορούμε με ποδήλατα

  2. its strange this phobia for wearing helmets despite knowing that not wearing it could be fatal. akin to smoking. despite knowing that it would cause injury to health, yet we have so many smokers! man! a 'thinking' animal?!

  3. Sad that you know personally so many tragedies.
    I think riding a motorcycle in Israel is very dangerous too. In the late 1970s I was on my small Honda when a woman swerved her car in front of me and clipped my front wheel. I went flying along the pavement. The helmet saved my life.

  4. I think this is going to be the best Sky Watch Friday yet. The things I have seen are very encouraging and the photography is spot on.

    I really admire your photography skills and your critical eye for composition, lighting and texture.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville Daily Photo

  5. And it's not just men. Our local child health nurse (who was fantastic help when our son was born), recently died in a motorbike crash. She was in her 50s.

    I can't say that I will be encouraging Henry to get one.