Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Outdoor fun park

My children were invited to a children's birthday party held at an outdoor fun park. They played in a balloon adventure park for nearly four hours without getting bored once. The parents enjoyed their margaritas in the cool evening breeze, as well as some pastry desserts and the leftovers of the children's pizza dinner.

outdoor fun park hania chania

The fun park is located half a kilometre from the beach, about two kilometres from where I live. It is located at the centre of tourist activity: there is a huge INKA supermarket across the road, and the area is surrounded by hotels, tavernas and shops catering for the tourist trade. During the day, the outdoor area doesn't operate due to the harsh sun. The balloons are pumped up after 6pm, when people start leaving the beach. People kept arriving at the fun park all hours of the evening, which was a very warm one (we were at the start of a heatwave).

As a family outing, it isn't cheap; children pay an entrance fee of 5 euro, with an orange juice included, but there's also the cost of food and drinks for the rest of the family. Then there are other attractions which are not included in the entrance fee (not pictured): each go-cart costs 1 euro per ride, and there are many other similar rides to choose from. As a children's function venue, however, it is very cost-effective: others do the work for you, and you don't have to clean up afterwards.

outdoor fun park hania chania

Despite living a stone's throw away from this amusement centre, which also houses a bowling alley on its roof and pinball machines indoors, I had never been there before. It has a desolate look as you pass it on the main road during the day. It is also greatly reminiscent of the plastic world we live in, with its artificial lights and well-kept lawns, despite the electricity and water shortages we face throughout the summer.

Nevertheless, I had a great time sitting in the cool evening breeze while the children amused themselves independently. Even my airy house with its top-floor balcony could not compete with this place. We got home just before midnight, having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  1. the bottom line is important... you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. I think I would have had a hard time resisting that slide myself!

    I do have problems with green lawns when there is water shortage. Where I live there are all kinds of restrictions about how much grass we can have and how often we can water it. But public areas do not seem to have to (or at least don't) follow the rules. Makes me wonder how much less severe the shortages would be if all areas complied with the restrictions.

    However, I'm glad it was a good time!