Wednesday, 4 June 2008

ABC Wednesday: Taxis

It's ABC Wednesday again, and T is for taxi.

In Hania, we have two different colours of taxi cab. Taxis whose base is outside the town of Hania (ie, they are registered in a village) are grey, while taxis registered in Hania are blue.

The new rules governing cabs now state that a newly bought town taxi must be painted blue all over. The one in the photo has a white roof, because it was bought before the new rule came out.

And here's my husband sporting his (new) taxi, parked outside our house.


  1. in hangzhou, every cab is in green. really easy to recognize.

  2. καλοτάξιδο το νέο taxi

  3. I read your profile or reason for the blog and found in the middle the part about doing the blog for your children and in the future. I just wrote a story about this and keeping journals to answer some of the questions your children will wonder about some day. My father, for example, I don't even know if he went to school. He was born in 1877 and lots of farm kids never attended school. He could write or sign his name and I never saw him read or write anything. I don't know who his first girlfriend was. Things like that recorded in a diary or journal would be nice. Now we have computers and the things you can put in them for the future is amazing. Like the blue car. They may never ask about it but there it is.

    Nice blog.

  4. Skoda Superb or Ocatvia?
    Great car however ...

    And how is businness there for taxis?
    Good I hope!

  5. I don't know where our taxi was registered but it was white -- see it here.

    Very efficient it was too and good to be able to get an accessible taxi - easier than it is to get one here.

  6. Congradulations on Taxis. Neat post.