Wednesday, 25 June 2008

ABC Wednesday: Weather

blue sky
It's ABC Wednesday again, and W is for weather.

We all want to live in a place where the weather is pleasant, the kind of weather that is appealing to the eye, and allows us to get on with our daily lives without hindering our activities too much. Sometimes it's too much to ask for good weather all the time; yet, in Hania, this is pretty much the norm. Good weather all year round isn't actually as pleasant as it sounds. When it's too cold, your body feels it; when it's too hot, your brain feels it.

Some skywatchers that I've met through Mr Wigley's blog take the most spectacular photos. Have you seen Abe's cornfield sundance? Or Bobbie's yellow-orange sunset? And Lillie's grey blanket with a fiery sun under it? We don't get these kinds of skies in Hania. The colour of our sky has a very uplifting peace-keeping feeling, a shade of clear blue that could easily pass for the sea. Our blue skies beckon the tourists to come in droves in the summer, while the locals try to steal as many moments away from work as possible, praising its relaxation effects. Angry looking clouds rarely make their appearance in this town.

I'm still waiting to see a colourful sky like the ones I've seen in other skywatchers' blogs, but I hope I'm safe and sound in my house, and don't need to be running errands or doing chores (so I can snap photos at my leisure).


  1. aah... we have grey skies often with rain laden clouds... the humidity is on a high making for very sultry days and nights

  2. here in Greece we have a wonderful weather with clear and blue sky. unfortunately this is not good for sky shots

  3. I guess it makes sense to have a sky image like you have. Here in Australia I could often post that sort of image - more than you could have if you had remained in NZ. I smiled as I saw it - yep, not a lot of rain there!

  4. Hey thanks a lot for this picture...I forgot the shape of the sun and i was starting to forget the color of the sky as well....Maybe i should join the cloud appreciation society :-)...Lots of clouds and rain and wind and rain again and wind and 13 degrees...

    By the way, you might find it interesting, check it out ;-)

  5. Thanks for your visit to my blog Brookville Daily Photo this morning. I hope you enjoyed my post today showing the baby rabbit eating the hibiscus flower.

    I am now taking a diminishing dose of steroids for my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and it works. I am pain free. I believe the chemotherapy drug is spelled "Methotrexate" that is used to treat a lot of things from cancer to arthritis and it has side effects that are troubling. So I need to talk to my doctor about it before I take it. Just missing a dose can be a real nightmare.

    Anyway, I wanted you to know I stopped-in to repay your visit and comment with mine.

    I enjoyed reading your blog post for today about weather and the blue sky and I thought your photography was excellent.

    We are having the best year in many decades. Plenty of rain comes when we need it. It gets warm but not hot and sticky humid. And when that happens we get several days of really cool (makes you shiver) mornings, evenings and nights. Nice to open the house, as mine is this morning at 62 degrees F, and enjoy the sounds of the birds feeding their babies. Noisy bunch. If human babies made this much noise when wanting fed, and they wanted fed 24 hours a day, the human race would vanish. Parents couldn't stand the racket or noise. Anyway, it is very nice here. The kind of weather that used to be reserved for far away place.

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  6. Please don't post photos like this! Not when some of us are sitting under cloudy grey midsummer skies!

  7. Actually. . . the simplicity of your sky photo gives a lot to reflect about and to enjoy. Great idea to take and post it. Good onya.

  8. Sunset is when your sky is most colourful - see and

    but indeed most of the time is just blue sky.

  9. It is always a pleasure to call by.. thank you for your kind words

    Thank you for helping to make Sky Watch so popular and special. I hope you enjoy your Sky Watch as much as I do.