Thursday, 19 June 2008

Malaka by the kilo

Sometimes, you've got to see it to believe it: triple-A quality malaka (μαλάκα) from the Hondrakis (Χονδράκης) dairy station: I guess you could call it 'hondromalaka' (χοντρομαλάκα). (But if you prefer 'the archimalaka', you need to go to Archakis' dairy station).

To get the full meaning of malaka, click here.


  1. ουπσσσ!!! πραγματικά πρέπει να το δεις για να το πιστέψεις. πολύ καλό

  2. Hondromalaka or archimalaka goes to the prises! Very clever shot.

  3. for the uninitiated, malaka in my town is a kind of cheese - but it's also the word all greeks use when they want to express a negative opinion about someone