Sunday, 8 June 2008

Pig on the run

One morning, I opened the balcony door to air the children's room, and was confronted with this sight: the pig had escaped from his owner's field - maybe it got tired of living in a pig sty - and roamed the streets of the village suburb where I live. But not for long; the owner found it and got it tethered up again.

My neighbour had (once again) left her rubbish outside her front gate; her dog sat behind his side of the fence, watching the pig greedily devouring what would have been his dinner. So the pig had a meal out, and from what I nosily observed from my house, it really enjoyed itself.

I don't think the pig has survived to tell its sorry tale, so I'm doing it the honours.


  1. I hope the pig enjoyed his last dinner!


  2. Ha! Funny! That's one animal I have no chance of seeing in this kosher area. So the owner caught it? As I remember from my volunteer years at Heifer Ranch (, pigs are really hard to corner and catch.

  3. The red tree I posted grows wild in the Jerusalem Hills. Our moshav is +-640 meters. The forest is the type "Mediterranean woodland."
    So you don't have them? hmm What is Chania's altitude?

  4. This is kind of funny. Nobody seems too concerned about it. Not even the dog is barking.

  5. Strange people, strange animals! This is our world. Good shot.