Monday, 16 June 2008

The ship

the ferry boat in port at souda bay
Remember that night view of the ship in port, where you had to guess just where the ferry boat might be in all that darkness? Here's a photo taken from the same position of the same ship in all its glory in daylight. This view has been snapped in close-up from the balcony overlooking our garden.


  1. I would have to take your word for it that there is a boat in the picture. Unless it is behind the buff colored building in the middle I don't see a boat.

    Thanks for the visit. Sorry you got to see the draft version of the post. I will try harder next time to remember what I am doing. LOL

  2. Well, my guess wasn´t that close!
    Maybe I need new glasses :)

  3. Wow, it's huge. What a great view you have!

  4. You have an incredible view. Good for you!

  5. It is a rather impressive view. It looks like a nice day too!