Friday, 6 June 2008

SkyWatch Friday: The sky through a child's eyes

the sky as a child saw it
While I was queuing for gasoline during the petrol tankers' strike, I let my daughter use the camera, and she snapped a million obscure shots while she was sitting in the car with me. This photo was one of the few I felt was worthy of being shared: the sky from the car window, as a child saw it, from a slightly dirty windscreen. Looks a little like what you'd see if you ate a magic mushroom, or something like that (I suppose, never having eaten one myself).

And the answer to yesterday's photo's question is: the small line of yellow lights right underneath a red aerial spotlight in the very centre of the photograph is the ship!


  1. Your daughter has the talent...and it looks to me very much like a view from those childhood fairy tales..^^

  2. I would label this photo as "Looking high" or "Reach high" irrespective of the dirty windscreen!
    Have a wondergful weekend.


  3. Nice shots for sky watch. I don't know how I missed it yesterday. My apologies.

  4. Sometimes a child's eye view is the best possible. Lovely.