Saturday, 7 June 2008

School's out!

The school year is finishing, and the municipal authorities organised an end-of-year function for the children of primary schools in the district, held at a local sports ground yesterday.

If any of you remember doing your duty as parents and cheering your children on the field, this is what I felt like today.

And if any of you had no idea what we Greeks in the largest island in the country look like collectively, I guess you've gathered now that we are a fat race of people. Click here to see the kinds of food we eat on a regular basis...


  1. καλό καλοκαίρι,
    η λύση στα προβλήματα είναι περισσότερες ώρες φυσική αγωγή στο σχολειό

  2. haha, that reminds me my high school sport events!

  3. When I went to school all 8 grades were in one room with one teacher. So when school was out we ran out the door and headed for home tripping over the dandelions. I remember those days. Loved them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and for the generous comment about my wife's solution to my pants falling down.

  4. This is the best time of the school year!