Thursday, 5 June 2008

Night view

night sky
This is the view I get from the balcony of my children's bedroom. Can you see the ship at Souda Bay??? Send me a note and tell me where it is. Use the colours and sizes of the lights to pinpoint the position exactly.

Answer provided on tomorrow's post!


  1. I'd say the ship is just to the left of centre near the apex of the triangle formed by the longest telegraph wire, the pole and the horizon.

  2. hey, Maria.shall I say this is your first spooky night photo? haha.just kidding... this is it,i'm not so sure about the location of ship,but is it in the right corner? they looks like cars.

  3. μια καταπληκτική θέα και εξίσου όμορφο φωτό όσο για το πλοίο, θα έλεγα έξυπνα ότι είναι κάπου στο βάθος :)

  4. Hyde - sorry, wrong
    Chanin - sorry, very wrong
    Vagelis - yes, it's somewhere in the background (ha ha ha)

  5. I would say the ship is in harbour!
    Can´t fail there! :)

  6. That is a pretty decent view from the bedroom.

  7. Thanks for the answer.
    I can't distinguish the colours well enough to see the difference - I suspect that where I thought it was was very close if not spot on.

    I've a quiz photo coming up on Sunday (on Hyde DP)