Friday, 9 May 2008

The local park

This children's park looks small, but it's spacious and very functional. It has a slide, swings, a roundabout and a small climbing frame. The area we live in is a fully residential zone, something in between a village and an outer-city suburb. It's across the road from my house (the cream-coloured flat-roof building obscured by the date tree and red bougainvillea), so I can watch the children playing from my kitchen window while I'm cooking. The area looks quite peaceful, but cars still race up and down the road, which is a real nuisance in the summer when we usually keep our shutters closed and our windows open.

1 comment:

  1. Your proximity to the park is a nice feature of your home. It is too bad about the racing cars on the road. It would be difficult to police I suppose. I hope nobody gets hurt.

    Your photograph is always nice to see as I am always interested in what people actually post. The best photo in the world or the snapshot of something important to them. I am always amazed that the posts all seem to work regardless of which style they chose to use.