Sunday, 11 May 2008

The sea

The Mediterranean sea is sometimes described as a velvet carpet sparkling with diamonds. Can you see the fish? This photo was taken at the old port near the marina.

The internet is not working in my area at the moment - forgive me for the briefness of my commentary.

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  1. When people visit my blog then I visit their blog in return.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment there about the furry mother I posted.

    Yes, she was a trusting soul and I think was trying to decide if I would allow her to have her four babies and let her stay here while she raised them. That look in her eyes still melts my heart.

    She came to the conclusion that I could be trusted and she did have four babies and she was fed, corn, dog food, sunflower chips, and anything else she wanted, including bowls of fresh water during her pregnancy and while she was raising the babies.

    My place is a wildlife sanctuary and I allow anything to stay as long as they want to stay. It is a very small city lot in the town where I live.

    She stayed until the babies were weaned. We went to West Virginia for several days and they were gone when we returned. The last photo I have of them shows the four of them in a line climbing up and over the board fence.