Thursday, 29 May 2008

Volvo P220

I really don't know how this Volvo P220 manages to look brand spanking new - it dates back to 1968, so it's 40 years old. It has a 2008 road tax sticker, the body work is original, the interior is in perfect condition; the owner must be very proud of it. Only the license plate looks a little beaten up. It was parked right outside the Agora; I'm amazed the owner actually drives it into the town, which has recently filled up with reckless drivers.


  1. My buddy has an older one that he bought new in blue color and at the time it was way ahead of American auto manufacturing and was front wheel drive. Now it sits, parked, behind the barn and is a pile of rust.

    This is a splendid looking car.

  2. Kudos to the owner for maintaining it so well!

  3. What an awesome looking car - very attractive indeed. The owner has done an amazing job of maintaining it.