Thursday, 1 May 2008


These children were playing hide and seek in amongst the cars parked in the driveway in front of a private nursing clinic close to Koum Kapi, up the road from St Nicholas church. As the rest of the gang searched for the one who was hiding, they would fall onto the parked cars and generally run around haphazardly without minding anyone or anything. If the one hiding was found, he'd try to get away by running among everyone without watching, while the others chased him, ramming into passers-by, the children's hands stretched out left right and centre. The shop owners around the district came out to watch them while they were playing (probably watching out for their cars). There was a gypsy van parked close by. "What bloody nuisances," I thought to myself, as I photographed them.


  1. I suspect they have no concern about the automobiles and are only interested in the fun they have playing. I wonder why they chose the parked automobiles? I guess if no harm comes then it is all in fun. In any event I enjoyed the photography and also reading your post.

  2. It does seem a recipe for an accident!