Saturday, 24 May 2008

Horse-drawn carriage

The tourist season is in full swing in Hania at the moment. Here is one of the ways they like to spend their time: an old-fashioned horse and carriage ride. The ride doesn't actually start from here - the taxi-drivers' union would be up in arms if it did (it's right in front of the taxi stand). This road leads straight down to the old harbour, where the driver will park himself and wait for his customers. The ride is only along the harbour front - it is clearly a tourist attraction, and at 20 euro a ride, a rather expensive one.

The little laughing olive tree took her son on one of these and they told me they both enjoyed themselves immensely.

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  1. It was only 15 euros when we were there and it was a really good way of seeing the town - we thought it excellent value.
    I've just come back from Blackpool and a ride along the promenade in a much less salubrious carriage than the ones in Hania costs just as much if not more.