Saturday, 31 May 2008

The former Italian embassy

italian embassy

This unassuming edifice once housed the Italian embassy in Hania, which was formerly ruled under the Venetians. It is located in the centre of town, right across from the municipal gardens, and can be viewed by the public by appointment only. I've never seen it open; a sign remains affixed on the inner wall next to the door with a few details relating to its former glory. Since Crete became part of Greece in 1913, the Italian embassy became obsolete, with all embassies relocating to Athens.


  1. Thank you for this. Makes me realize how much I have to learn about Crete and history.

  2. Thanks Maria,
    I've walked by this beautiful home many times hoping I could glance through the doors, but no luck.Maybe next time. Love Dimitra

  3. I like the look of this building, Crete does indeed have an interesting history!

  4. very interesting