Wednesday, 14 May 2008

ABC Wednesday: The municipal gardens

It's ABC Wednesday, and Q is for quirky, as is this tree.

This tree trunk has been exposed to form part of the concrete fence of the municipal gardens of Hania. The gnarled roots are draped with a climbing plant and they look magnificent.

The park is found in the town centre. It houses an open-air cinema and live chess in the summer, there is a lake with a few ducks, and there's also one of the most modern children's parks in the whole town, attached to the children's public library, which we use right throughout the winter. A few animals are also kept there in cages, but this part of the park is being phased out. In the middle of the park, there is large indoor-outdoor cafe, a regular haunt for locals on a Sunday morning where you often see them reading a Sunday newspaper. One of the walls enclosing the park (across the road from the stadium) also contains a clock tower.

The park has special significance for me because my parents owned an apartment close to the park. When my father sat out on the 2metre-by-4metre balcony, he was very thankful that he didn't have to stare into another person's apartment. His view was of the little road right in front of the apartment block's main entrance, which led straight to the park's main entrance, only a few metres to the left of where this photo was taken.


  1. indeed the roots look beautiful! I wonder if they can be tamed or they will break through the tiles paving the road.

  2. Lovely shot - I like your images and your posts. Lovely variety.