Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Fashion boutique

Skirt: 68 euro
Shirt: 65 euro
Coat: 189 euro

Jacket: 187 euro
Skirt: 99 euro
Shirt: 67 euro

Jacket: 127 euro
Skirt: 62 euro

Dress: 150 euro

If these clothes are actually selling at these prices, then the economic crisis must be a myth...

PS: Life is still not back to normal in this country, not even in my teeny-weeny itty-bitty summer resort town, and I don't think it will get back to normal until the weather turns nasty, as Greeks are very attached to their creature comforts, rain being on the list of don't-likes, despite also ranking high on the do-need list. High school students (yes, kids) have closed down their schools (the chains and padlock I saw on the gates of the local high school in my neighbourhood are brand new), staged sit-ins and gathered outside the central market (the Agora) in the middle of the town today for a peaceful demonstration. Better than being at school, I suppose, where, admittedly, they learn very little of value.


  1. Ooh-ah, prices not for me. Give me a Vinnies anyday. :)
    Your "unrest" is going on. It took one spark to ignite it, eh? Hope the peaceful demonstration stays peaceful.

  2. prices and tempers are high!
    hope everything cools down sufficiently sooon

  3. It has been my question as well. Even before the whole situation was tagged as "crisis", prices where high and kept climbing and no one seemed to want to do something about it (Isn't there some kind of regulatory body for this purpose?)

    I guess we reached or reaching some upper limit.

    Prices are even high for things like coffees, club charges, etc but the places still get filled to capacity (maybe this has changed recently?)

  4. In the case of the boutique they might have a January Sale and the prices will need to look as though they have been slashed.

    They would all be out for the holiday soon anyway so perhaps they are drawing it out just to get to Xmas. Food and TV might defuse them thereafter. I hope so.

  5. At least in Hania you have the Agora - I would rather have used my money there.

  6. I appreciate the way you have been handling this. I have delayed commenting on the "unrest" out of respect for those of you living in Greece. For what it is worth please know that you all are thought of. I wish you (all) perastika--to be well--and in the greatest sense of the word.

  7. Good to know the "Agora" still exists!
    Peaceful wishes to YOU, aloha-

  8. It must be very frustrating. How are your children coping? I hope they're managing.