Thursday, 11 December 2008

Guess what?

summer house hania chania

This house is found on narrow side street in the town centre, part of an old inner-city neighbourhood. It looks well-kept, but empty, as if the house is being used by summer residents of the town; the table and chairs have been placed in such a way that it looks as though they won't be in use for a while.

ruins of house hania chania

This is the view exactly across the narrow road in front of this house; I wouldn't want to be any where near here during an earthquake.

Notice the low-ceiling room on the left of the house with the blue gate, with a big white metal box on the roof: what is it???

Answer tomorrow.


  1. ?? I give up. But I agree about the earthquake.

  2. It is a water tank alright...but i guess what Med.Kiwi is trying to point out is that this is the toilet of the house.

    The W.C. "joined" the rest of the house only recently (in rural Greece at least)...Still today if you go to remote villages that have some old houses (built around the 30s..some maybe around the 50s even), the toilet is outside of the house...

    Which might make you think twice -if you can- when nature calls on a bitterly cold night.

    (Med. Kiwi, did you flip the image after writing the text or am i answering the wrong question? The low-ceiling room is on the right of the blue gate (?))

  3. Ow Kiwi!!! You keep remind me my grandmother Marina, the Cretian one. She had that same tank over her toilet, which was outside the house just like this one!!!
    She called her toilet "apohoritirio" and there was only a lavatory pan with its bowl! It looked really funny and strange to us when we had to take a bath in that toilet and had to use hot water we had warmed previously in the kitchen! So beautiful memories...Thanks for bringing them back!

  4. Since several others have already suggested the water tank over the toilet, I can only say that I agree.

    PS Hope you ate fairing well with all the riots going on - from up north we haven't quite got the hang of what the problem REALLY is.

  5. I agree with the others, water tank for the bathroom. Additionally, said water tank may also serve as the supply for the "modern luxury" of a washing machine for clothes and a dishwasher for the housewife (househusband?). Oh and if the city "temporarily" cuts off the city line you have a reservoir!!!

  6. hope the riots have ended and you and yours are safe...