Thursday, 18 December 2008

Apartment with a view

Imagine living in an apartment like this one. My father spent the last eight years of his life in the apartment exactly above the entrance of the white building in the photo, with the beige canvas shade. As you look at the photo, on the left there is a car park, on the right, there is another large apartment block (it houses a Presbyterian church on the ground floor), and in the middle of this, there is a dull-looking narrow one-way street....

... which faces this view at the end of the road:

view of erotokritos street hania chania looks directly onto the town's municipal park. Having suffered from claustrophobia most of his life, my father who lived in this apartment for the last eight years of his life was so thankful he didn't have to stare into other people's apartments from his living room balcony. He had a view of the trees in the park, a view that will never be obscured, no matter what building projects take place left and right of the apartment.

When all his neighbours were staring at each other from their balconies, he was lucky to have a view of the biggest garden in the town.


  1. It would have been so distressing to just stare at windows... the street was not unpleasant, all things considered.

  2. Not sure if you got my comment just now. Something strange happened when I clicked.
    Anyway, an answer is ready for your "Xanuka" question.

  3. Shall we say 'apartment's life'??? This is it!!

  4. When you live in a house with garden and only one neighboure in the same building (my sister), you can't imagine leaving this for an appartment.

  5. Hi!!! I'm back again...
    Well, that's not just a's a...sandwich view!!! BUILDINGS-TREES-BUILDINGS !LOL!

  6. Your dad was very fortunate, thanks for sharing something so personal in such a sensitive way.

  7. Very pleasant view for your dad. This reminds me of little streets here in Waikiki. Hope your town is peaceful, and your season bright!

  8. I certainly agree with your father, z"l.
    A view out the window of a few trees or better yet, expansiveness, is more important for the mind than what is IN the apartment.